2nd ad-hoc Meeting: Friday, May 17, 7-10 PM. Contact: Jose 773-632-9992
Discuss the bullshit reform bill

  •  How can we make a political attack on the bill that focuses on changing the terms of the political landscape and pushing a radical abolitionist vision?
  • How can we unmask the lies behind the media hype and rhetoric? This is NOT a victory for the “movement.”
  • Many of us decided we wanted to read the bill — we will each bring key points that we think should be attacked, key ideas on what we think a critique should focus on.
  • We talked about the need to “translate” the bill so that we can unmask what is at stake, to analyze and develop a critique that anyone can use — something useful beyond us for those who want to make their own analysis and useful also beyond the struggle around this specific bill.

Tasks for the upcoming meeting:

  • Those of us interested in reading the bill will read as much as possible (at least part 1 about militarization) and bring in concrete ideas for what points to attack
  • – also, begin to brainstorm and collect possible points of a political program or platform that would express a border abolitionist perspective (or examples of existing platforms you are inspired by or that you think we can use as a starting point)
  • – also, collect resources (other good critiques of this bill AND in general border abolition perspectives or political writing that gives us a new way to frame the issues and challenges the “rights” discourse etc. — whatever we want to share).

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