From Kim Z – All comments below begin with the page number and lines of the bill that corresponds to the comment:

8:2: the word “just” seems to be misused here, as legislation or systemic change that is built on the foundation of justice would need to demonstrate movement AWAY from oppression and the classification and social stratification of people based on race, national origin, level of education, socioeconomic status, health, etc.  True justice recognizes the intrinsic value of all human beings.

8:6-9: “a nation founded, built and sustained by immigrants” ???  This is actually land that was colonized while already populated by sovereign nations of indigenous peoples who had built and sustained their own societies, cultures and technologies long before the arrival of the first colonizers.

8:13-15: does the world really depend on the USA to be strong or does the USA simply want the rest of the world to believe that it depends on the USA to be strong? Perhaps the world would be in better shape without US intervention and manipulation of the world’s resources.

9:20-25: this formula makes no sense – how is the total number of illegal entries determined in order to calculate the effectiveness rate

10:19-25: so absolutely nothing happens, not even RPI applications, until the border security strategy is implemented

12:19-25: if you have to put in a clause in case Section A might be found to be unconstitutional, could it be that Section A might actually BE unconstitutional???

25-31: $6.5 billion to bolster the militarization of the border???  And then the costs will be covered by exorbitant visa fees paid by immigrants and their employers.

32-59: This militarization is extreme overkill … reminds me of the Berlin Wall (though that was more about keeping people in than out) though the minefields and hungry dogs are being replaced with drones and extreme surveillance.  And there will be more and more deaths as people seek new ways to cross.

81: 9-13: income must be at least 100% of the poverty line … that will exclude tremendous numbers of people working very low wage jobs … no more than 60 days unemployed

84: 1-15: $1000 penalty, $500 up front just to register for RPI & doesn’t include the actual processing fees … this would be an impossible barrier for the poorest

90-91: no eligibility for means tested federal benefits under RPI status

97: 6-10: to adjust status from RPI to LPR, must have averaged income of at least 125% of the poverty line – for a single person, this would be $14,362 / 2 – 19387 / 3 – 24412 / 4 – 29437 (a family of 3 or 4 with just one wage earner in an entry level, professional non-profit job could easily be prevented from adjusting to LPR status according to these guidelines … a full-time minimum wage worker who is the sole wage earner in a household of 2 or more would not qualify at all).

99: 20 – 100: 20: full time educational program may be an alternative

101-102: exceptions – age or disability, “dependent RPI” (it appears that families applying for RPI would have 1 person as the main applicant and the other spouse and children as dependents – seems that could be problematic and very complicated)

102: 19-24: the hardship waiver for this requirement is very vague

103: this section is pretty vague on “English Skills” – will have to look for section 312

105: 3-12: if our government can print more money whenever it wants to, what is the issue with these visas coming available as if they are some rare natural resource … just give people their fucking visas already!

106-108: more fees and of course, the profit goes towards the border militarization program

131: 6-23 – 134: GRANTS for non-profits (like ICIRR!) for assisting with education and applications … no WONDER they are kissing ass and applauding this bill



151 – 186: the agricultural worker program adds yet another level to the stratification – a “blue card” which appears to be a status below the RPI status … again, blue card holders have minimum employment requirements that must be met in order to adjust status – no minimum income specified … these requirements of minimum number of days worked as well as the requirement for RPIs to have no more than 60 days unemployed open a lot of doors for exploitation and abuse by employers – also, I don’t see any provisions that would allow an agricultural worker seek and accept another type of employment without losing blue card status

187-254: non-immigrant agricultural visa program – temporary workers, 3 years + can renew 1 time for total of 6 years but must leave USA for at least 3 months before reapplying … no possibility of adjusting status – bound to the original contract with the employer & has to leave USA & reapply before accepting a job with a new employer if termination of contract is not by mutual agreement  – I would think this leaves the worker very vulnerable to abuse and with few rights

255-317: merit-based visas … points system based on level of education, years of work experience in certain occupations or as business entrepreneurs … more points for “civic involvement” and English skills … more points if a sibling or child of a US citizen … more points if from a country with lower immigration rates …

290: 17-22: for the dependent spouse who wishes to obtain LPR status, it appears that they must still be married at the time of applying for such status unless the other spouse has died or the marriage terminated due to domestic violence & that can be proven – no options for those who terminate their marriage for other reasons?

317 – 321: fiance visas still similar to the current rules – the requirement of marrying within 3 months of entering the USA puts undue pressure on the couple (I speak from experience) who may benefit from having 1-2 years to make a much more sound final decision about whether to marry

344-359 : special visas for people who have served US interests in Iraq & Afghanistan …

359-370: visas for physicians serving in underserved areas – no real issues for me here

371 – 395: lots of grant $$$ again for integration, civics, esl type activities, assuring a long and vibrant future for those pro-immigrant organizations who jump on board and support this bill

395-550 : Interior Enforcement, E-Verify … wow, the longest section yet – 155 pages on verification & enforcement … on p 425, employers owned by tribal governments will also be required to comply – I wonder what Native American leaders think of this imposition?

550-566: refugees – not familiar enough with the old rules to know what, if anything has changed

566-577 : upping the number of judges & staff for removal proceedings (evidently the expectation is that this bill will increase the flow of removal cases)

577-604: human trafficking – no real issues with this section in general

604-657 : criminal street gangs / habitual drunk drivers / murder, rape, sexual abuse / illegal entry – the penalties are very, very harsh / human smuggling / at least those guilty of crimes against humanity would be inadmissible

646: more grants for organizations – this one for community-based supervision of detainees and other services related to tracking and controlling their movements

658-844 : non-immigrant, employment visas – more alternatives for highly skilled people , mostly just more provisions and special treatment for the wealthy and privileged (and I skimmed but did not read this section all the way through).


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