NO TO A SHAM REFORM! We join the National Day of Action Against Deportations with a protest at President Obama’s visit for a Democratic Party fundraiser on Wednesday May 29. Moratorium on Deportations Campaign brings the following message to these actions: We demand justice, not a sham “Reform”!

3:00 PM: gather at the Art Institute of Chicago, (Michigan and Jackson ).
3:30 PM – press conference at the Art Institute of Chicago and march to Hilton Hotel, 720 S. Michigan. This action was initiated by the Alliance of Immigrant Rights.
4:30 PM – join #Not1more Rally being organized at the Hilton Hotel, we will listen to families sharing their stories about being separated due to detention and deportation.

President Obama and politicians from both parties are promoting an “Immigration Reform” bill; this is part of a political game to capitalize on the immigrant vote while at the same time pushing anti-immigration policies even further. This is an anti-immigrant Bill that creates an increase in enforcement and militarization, and promotes the interests of corporations and politicians, not the rights of immigrants.

Stop Deportations, Stop Exploiting Immigrants under the guise of “Immigration Reform”!

Here is the statement issued by Moratorium on Deportations, our analysis about the bill and why there has been so much hype falsely advertizing this bill as “legalization” for undocumented immigrants.

We have seen this kind of misinformation orchestrated by politicians before. And once more we are not deceived by the hype around this Anti-Immigrant bill which is being framed as a positive legislation; we are not deceived by politicians who merely want to capitalize on the immigrant vote.

As we have done before, we make a call to all migrant and social justice organizations, activists and communities to mobilize and respond to this racist attack on our communities. We must not accept that politicians can play with the lives of 12 million people who they have purposely made into a vulnerable and terrorized population.


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