•    Will it stop deportations? No, the bill will lead to more deportations by increasing funds for Poli Migra programs and for prosecutions of more immigrants.
•    Will this bill really benefit 11 million people?  No. The bill will exclude people simply for being poor, for lacking stable employment, or for being targeted by the police.
•    Will this bill really offer a path to citizenship? A limited number of people will qualify for a provisional and restricted form of status. But this does not guarantee rights, and can be revoked at any time. After 10 years in this “limbo” status, people will be able to apply for a green card, but this will depend on Homeland Security declaring that the border is “secure enough”. The bill would guarantee enforcement and militarization, but will not guarantee legalization.
•    Will the bill help family unification? No, the bill eliminates the possibility for petitioning for siblings, and imposes a limited definition of ‘family”. It also excludes same-sex families.
•    Does the bill really make the immigration system more just? The bill creates a hierarchy between good immigrants (educated, wealthy, corporate-sponsored) and bad immigrant (poor people of color) and reinforces the idea that some lives are more valuable than others. Th bill is not about justice, it is about using the politics of fear to keep some immigrants exploitable in the interest of big business.

Many grass-rots organizations are strongly opposing this bill, including Derechos Humanos in Arizona, Bayan (the national Filipino alliance), the Coalition for Migrant Justice and Moratorium on Deportations Campaign in Chicago. For more information please see the “resources” tab on this site


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