Indigenous struggles

O’Odham Solidarity Project

O’ODHAM SOLIDARITY ACROSS BORDERS COLLECTIVE is made up Akimel O’odham and Tohono O’odham youth who are pressing the attack against the ongoing colonization of our traditional lands (i.e. U.S./Mexico Border policies), environmental racism from transnational corporations and the state, and all colonial polices aimed at destroying our O’odham Him’dag (Traditional Way of Life). We fight for self-determination, and true sovereignty of our lands.

Being on O’Odham Land    O’odham face militarization of their lands which span the border region, racial profiling, development (Loop 202 extension), threats to sacred sites (due to border wall construction, immigration enforcement, development, and resource extraction), other threats to their communities, land, and health (toxic waste dumps, resource extraction, etc.).  There has been lasting resistance in these struggles.

O’Odham  Responses to US Invasion  History of O’Odham struggles against colonization

Lipan Apache Women Defense:  land-based struggles, recognition, territories, self-determination, and indigenous peoples’ world views.  LAW-Defense documents and advocates for the rights of the indigenous originarios, Nde’, and Nakaiiye-Nde lineal clan members of Lipan Apache peoples who are the Real People: original rancheria communities along the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo.

A Voice in the Desert – a video with Ofelia Rivas, the founder of Tohono O’odham Voice Against the Wall

The Border: Tohono O’Odham Nation

A Voice in the Desert: the Us-Mexico Border Wall and the Tohono O’Odham Nation.

Censored News -reporting on indigenous peoples’ issues

Black Mesa Indigenous Support – solidarity with indigenous communities